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Renovation and Furnishings

It has been a pleasure working with Betsy. She listened to my needs and collaborated with me to “make it work”. I have a small English country cottage home and she helped transform it into a warm inviting place. I love what she has done. She not only worked on the inside but helped to create a wonderful covered patio that looks out to my garden. Emily Chandler

Renovation and Furnishings

I was apprehensive about working with an interior designer until I met Betsy. She is very attentive, listening intently and guiding me in the creation of each space.
Betsy keeps me focused and directs each step of the process from selecting fabrics, wallpaper and paint through installation of draperies and furniture.
When working with contractors Betsy manages both the project and the people bringing the job to a satisfying conclusion.
She is a treasure. Jane Pearson

Renovation and Addition to Historic Home

Hey Betsy,
Thank you, thank you, thank you, oh yah did I happen to tell you THANK YOU! You are such a breath of fresh air in a very old stuffy industry. Allow me to explain, Jennifer and myself are very appreciative for all the work we have and have done, but when it becomes the same old same old every day in everyday out, Let me tell ya it can get boring. Now let me get to the good part. Your designs, drawings and specs, color choices and clarity of how you want things is an absolute breath of fresh air. It is alive, exciting and every other kind of descriptive word you can think of. Thank you for putting color back into a very grey industry. Can’t wait to get this home put together.

Edwin L. Mickelson
Jemco Contracting, L.L.C.

Major Addition

I have worked in the custom home industry for almost seven years. During my tenure, I have worked side –by-side with numerous designers stemming from a variety of backgrounds. What sets Betsy apart is her uncanny ability to listen and deliver. Betsy has demonstrated that she can very readily take a client’s basic idea and develop it into something far greater than they ever were able to see. It takes great patience and perception to read in to a client who “knows” what they want but cannot fully articulate their idea in to a reality. It is this intuitive gift of “reading between the lines: that has made working with Betsy so enjoyable for both client and contractor.

Brian J. Lavezzari
Graduate Master Builder
Certified Graduate Builder
LAVEZZARI Custom Homes and Remodeling

Decoration and New Custom Furnishings

Betsy Homan is not only professional, but also a joy to work with. If I had questions or concerns regarding the design project, she was quick to respond and take care of it immediately. I particularly like how she listened to my ideas and made sure the finished product reflected my personality and my own lifestyle. It was fun working with her! Lupita Rodriguez

New Home Construction

My husband again told someone earlier this week that he thought you were the best money we will be spending on the design and construction of our new home! For him to say that, says a lot cause he is a pretty tight old German!! Grace Bergen

Renovation and Decoration of Home + Guest House

I have found great joy in decorating and redecorating our home with Betsy Homan. I have found her to be a very talented interior designer, and I appreciate her ideas and expertise very much.  Professionally she offers superior work, only seeks craftsmen of highest skills and has always shown integrity in her character in every way. I have never had to deal with unwanted surprises and have only found her to be very trustworthy and honest in every project. She graciously gives me the time it takes to make important decisions. Betsy Homan is indeed is very talented, and I am happy to call her my designer! Susan Oliver

Renovation and Furnishings

….Betsy, as lead designer and project manager, spent time to understand who we were and how we used each of our spaces before she crafted the designs that would create the warm, rich and inviting environments in which we would live and raise our children.

We were consistently impressed with her unique ability to capture our thoughts and ideas within the scope of her artistic products always expanding subtle aspects in just the right measure….. Randy and Lorna Holman

“When a room is perfectly proportional we feel comfortable and right in the space – we feel cozy in a family room, we feel peaceful in a bedroom.”


Awards & Certifications

  • 2017 Andrew Martin one of 100 International Interior Design Firms


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