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“Every client’s needs are different. My thoughts always circle back to what is the best solution, what would be the best fit, what will allow this person to live the most comfortably, and the most happily, in his or her home? I think about it as if these were my needs and my home. It’s so very personal.”

Dedicated to Every Project

Problem solving occurs long before the design is executed. Working with a team of seasoned contractors and design professionals, we carefully read over plans with an eye toward clearing the way for our projects to unfold smoothly.

In each project, our goal never changes: to achieve the perfect balance of extraordinary quality, and equally extraordinary beauty.

Interior Design Services

Betsy Homan’s “little book of high end services” allows the firm to offer concierge service to its many clients. The finest craftspeople, vendors and artisans bring their combined talents to create homes as singular as they are stunning.

Design Within 90 days

Driven to deliver clients’ design desires for their remodels, additions or new construction, in a 90-day deadline.

Our Process:

  • Milestones are programmed.
  • Shopping with client begins, selecting all finishes and developing color palette.
  • Furniture layouts are designed.
  • The completion date is met with a complete finish package, and necessary drawing, provided to client and builder.

From color palettes, tile, paint and flooring, to plumbing, hardware and lighting specifications, to design layouts for furniture, fireplaces, ceiling, millwork, and cabinetry, the firm offers all designs and specifications, enabling the builder to take them and fast track the project. And throughout the process, clients’ engagement, excitement, and involvement remains high.

Designer for a Day

Allowing the client to rework a room via 1-day of high productivity, high-intensity, and high-creativity with the designer.

Our Process:

  • Selections of new paint, flooring, and window treatments.
  • Shopping locally for furniture, art and singular decorative elements.
  • Placement and reconfiguration of client’s furnishings, art and accessories.
  • Designer’s eye guiding the client’s choices and decisions from 9-5.

Limited number of appointments available per month.

Concierge Design Service

This is a standard of excellence serving Betsy Homan Interior Design’s most discriminating clientele, with Concierge, the firm provides the truest luxury experience.

Concierge means singular service to meet singular client needs. Shopping in Dallas, New York or Los Angeles with clients, or hand selecting each fine furnishing and perfect detail unaccompanied, Concierge presents the firm’s vision of what it means to live a life in luxury, ease and deep beauty.

The firm may be engaged to select and place art throughout the home, or to design each closet, and customize every cabinet, or to fully supply a pantry and bar with clients’ highly personal preferences. Though concierge means different things to all the firms’ clients, Concierge service to Betsy Homan Interior Design means one thing: allowing clients to completely enjoy living the most life has to offer.

In each service provided, Betsy Homan Interior Design brings its celebrated white glove service to clients. This enduring commitment to luxury and excellence is an overarching theme for the firm.

“I want every client to have the best of the best, and to experience the white glove service that is our standard.”


Awards & Certifications

  • 2017 Andrew Martin one of 100 International Interior Design Firms


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