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Frequently Asked Questions-Interior Design


Why hire a professional designer?

Mistakes are costly and we don’t believe in making them. Our years of designing a broad range of projects for a diverse clientele lets us understand how to make great decisions for our great clients– decisions based on needs, timeframe and budget.
Education and experience matters to us. So does being a Texas Registered Interior Designer, and Allied ASID member; in order to remain so means we engage in yearly continuing education. That keeps us up to date and aware of trends.
We also feel that hiring us is about access. Clients gain access to our deep skills set–we create and design, and we coordinate, schedule and manage. Clients also gain access to our longstanding relationships with leading builders, vendors, craftspeople, and artisans. Finally, hiring Betsy Homan Interior Design (BHID) gives access to exclusive luxury services and products.
All contribute to what we believe we do best: execute what we’ve designed, impeccably and with passion.

What kinds of projects do you take on?

If you’re looking into new construction, remodeling or renovation, we might be a good fit for your project; we do it all, and have for over 35 years. We specialize in luxury homes, high-rise condos, vacation residences and executive offices. Beyond that, if a designer for your private aircraft’s interior is what you seek, we might be a good fit for you there, as well, since Betsy Homan’s unique background includes designing luxury aircrafts.

What should I expect when hiring an Interior Designer?

All designers work differently. With BHID you can expect to have your style elevated, and your home custom created to express who you are.
The way we achieve this starts with a first meeting in our design studio. Here, we learn about your needs, wants, expectations and budget. Once we’ve determined that we’re a good fit, our firm sends you a Letter of Agreement detailing design fees for your project. And when a retainer is received, we begin.

What will my project cost?

It depends on the scope of your project, the level of luxury products you select, and the design details you want. We always speak to our clients about their budget before the design process begins; this lets us work openly and transparently, and design respectfully and realistically. Once the design is finalized, BHID will present a proposal to you outlining the costs of your project. Later, we will develop a master plan prioritizing your needs. If you want to do more than your budget allows, BHID will break down your large inclusive project into smaller partial projects, which you can implementate later. BHID maintains competitive design fees and we are happy to discuss them in detail with our clients.

What is your style?

We believe style comes from knowing you. And to us, this means knowing your needs, likes and passions. Once we do, we follow your leads and elevate your style. Design elements are tailored to you; they are combined with custom furnishings and fabrics, and then we layer in the exact right details. What that lets us do is create a home that says so much about you, the person whose style, comfort and happiness is always foremost in our designer’s mind.

What happens if I already have an architect and contractor?

If you have them onboard, then BHID will work with them. And we’ll work with their team of craftspeople, too, if they’re already lined up and in place. If you don’t have people you are working with yet, or if your project’s scale is smaller, BHID has its “little black book of high end services,” which contains the names of specialists and experts. People we have worked with for years, whom we return to time and again to achieve the result we, and our clients, desire: perfection (wrapped in luxury!)

If we’re planning a remodel, addition, or new construction, when should we call an Interior Designer

Four little letters answer this completely: ASAP. We could stop there, but to clarify, we’ll go on. An Interior Designer will identify and define design details (Interior Design Process) early on; this allows you to save time and money, as well as stress and anxiety, all while avoiding mistakes. An Interior Designer will work with you to understand exactly what your needs are and exactly how you want to live in your home. Then BHID (because we’ll assume you’re reading our website because you want to work with us!) will work with your architect, if you have one, or you individually, if you don’t. Together, we’ll create a design that will translate to beautiful and functional interiors, a home for you to relax, entertain and live in happily.

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